Best callectoin sad mind sms & picture 2020. ইংরেজি মন খারাপের মেসেজ পিকচার

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English sad mind and imosonal sms pictur..

Sad mind sms 2020

★★//""When I name you I wrote on the ground, Wet in the rain ..... I wrote in the sky, The sky is covered with clouds ..... But whenever I wrote in my heart, That's when you forgot me ....

★★//""My love had no complications ____ The complication was in your mind ____ Love never left me ____ You left me ____

★★//""Why only me Want to see Tears of the mind The tears are dried, Fire in the water in the chest of the expatriate, Of the eyes The intestines burn without seeing. I am miserable in wandering life, Yet why yours Maya that takes you. I think Sara Logan is your picture, Your conscience is burnt to ashes Everything. Fire in the water

★★//""Today you may be dreaming of happiness with your head on someone else's chest, and I am pushing your and my broken dreams between my chest. I still can't forget to spend some time with you like you. I can't forget the past of your name. I don't know if I will be able to forget you one day Now I started thinking about you

Bangla imosonal picture

★★//""The day I go under the calm ground You will not find me and find me in a crowd of thousands of people. No one will understand me alone Happiness will be taken away by that wave of sorrow

★★//""Most people Likes to feel sad By •• What hurts people, People run after him. People who love him To him Avoid. And people who avoid him Because he wants to get close People love to suffer… !!!

★★//""I wish I could float your life in a sea of ​​sorrow ____ Just because i love you ____ But you did because you never loved me ____

★★//""I can't find anything in my life. " I think I've done a great disservice to God. " My hopes are not fulfilled ........... Why don't I get something I want, "" "" "' I want more from God. Why would anyone say that? " I don't know what I did.

★★//""If you can be happy without me, don't come back. But .., I'm Heena. If you're in trouble, But come back, I promised you I will love you as before. ---------- ----------

★★//""Some people in the world are so Lucky that He gave a lot of trouble to the people Love yourself. ¤Some others would run away so much that, He is much more in love The exchange is just getting in trouble.

★★//""The troubles of the sky float like clouds___ The troubles of the clouds become rain___ After the erosion of the stone ___ And the pains of the mind turn into tears ...

Clouds float in the sky, rain floats in the clouds. Clouds have been created because there is a sky. The sky is getting empty chest that his body, he will not float in the body without clouds and no one else.

★★//""____I came empty handed, I will go empty handed, I never thought I would suffer so much in this world___ ____ Lover Ball Friend Ball No one is yours, Momentary interactions are all ____ performances.

★★//""♣ Now don't draw dreams in the corner of your eyes ......... No hope, I feel burnt today ...... ♣ Now don't shed tears anymore with two eyes ......... As many pictures were painted on the wall of memory ............ ♣ Today all that has been erased ...... Endures the pain you give me ......... The heart is in the illusion of suffering

.★★//"".. why do you say Candice when you say happiness? Because of which only tears come to your eyes. I'm sorry to hear that. After finding you, he gave it to me ...

★★//"""People cry then,   When   Fights with the mind   Loses.   After you   Yes,   Dreams shattered   Yes,   Then pressed to the chest   Tears in my eyes   Fever

★★//""That way is yours With , ,,,,,,,,, was seen every day ,,,,,, That way today ,,,, I'm here Alone. ,,,,,,, that you thought , There was no one else ,,,,, he thinks today ,,,,,,,, wave of pain. ,,,,,, in that eye every night , ,,,,,, You were the dream ,,,,, She has two eyes today ,,,,,,,, Floating in pure water. That was my hope

★★//"""People cry then, When Fights with the mind Loses. After you Yes, Dreams shattered Yes, Then pressed to the chest Trouble shot eyes With tears 6 with fever